Why do I need a Structural Engineer for my project?
Because it is required by the local government body having jurisdiction in your area as being a part of the building permit application process.

What is the role of the Structural Engineer in my project?
The Structural Engineer is the professional responsible for the design and structural integrity of the primary structural system. The primary structural system is a combination of elements which support a buildings’ self-weight along with the applicable live loads based on occupancy, use of space, and environmental loads such as wind, snow & seismic forces.

When does the Structural Engineer enter the project?
The sooner the better! Once the Architect has a preliminary set of drawings ready to review, the structural engineer can be engaged to help with the layout and/or orientation of structural elements such as roof joists, beams and floor joists. Once the primary structural system has been determined, we then go on to design & engineer the foundation.

Does a Structural Engineer comment on the preparation of my building site?
No. That is the responsibility of the Geotechnical Engineer.

Does the Structural Engineer carry insurance?
Yes. We carry professional liability insurance for each project.

Should the Structural Engineer be registered and a member in good standing with any professional associations?
Yes. We are registered and members in good standing with both the Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC) and the Structural Engineering Association of British Columbia (SEABC)

How much does it typically cost to have my project engineered?
Prices vary. Our fees are hourly and based on the complexity of the project. Once the Architect has a preliminary set of drawings prepared we can put together a quote that includes our scope of work as well as our schedule of fees. Please contact us for an estimate.


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